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released October 9, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios

Picture taken by Steph Barry

Layout and design by Tyler Dipaola

Special thanks to the Rose family, Keith and Neil Murray, Justin Deane, CIAC, Take Control, Labeled, Direct Impact, Sweet Pete, Pat Flynn, Jim D and Stupid Idiot Productions



all rights reserved


FREE WILL Boston, Massachusetts

Russell - Mic
Panda - Guitar
Doug- Bass
Sean - Drums

Photo by Angela Owens

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Track Name: Deny the Truth
Another step back from the way that you came
Pushing forward you say
But we don't see the same
Maybe one day you'll go and change your ways
I won't stand in line with all the choices you make
How can you pretend that you don't see the wrong
Should I just believe you're too far gone
We're quick to turn our backs to what we don't want to be
Can't deny what's true
There's no hope for you
Track Name: Pain I Endure
Lost in the mix
A maze you could say
If there's one thing I know, it's I'll push you away
A few years down, what's a few fucking more
Perspective is mine, that's a pain I endure
I'm sick of searching
You'll stand and stare
I'm sick of searching
Bent beyond repair
How can you compare
Some things just aren't fair
Track Name: We Hide
Deep inside, the things we hide
You can't let go of what's in mind
It's what I see and what I know
That shield my eyes from all the lies
Where will you go when the clock runs out
Where will you go with the hand you've been dealt
Life's a game that I don't want to play
I've always felt like I'm in the way
Held me down and it's kept me there
I can't lift the weight, it's just too much to bare
Watered down from what I was before
Is it just too much to expect something more
Less in touch or am I more alive
A hidden question I can't seem to find
(Where) I'm still here
I'm running in circles, I'm searching for myself
(Where) I'm still here
You can't break me down
I'll pick myself back up
Track Name: Our Time
I've spent ten whole months wasting away
How the fuck did I get through the day
What matters now is that I'm still here
It's my time, I've got nothing to fear
Feet on the ground, head in the clouds
Live in the now, I won't wait around
Make the most out of each day
Do what's right, live your own life
Break down the walls that stand in your way
It's our time, have your say
Won't live my life weighed by hate
I'll live my life making a change